What Are Best Rates Secondary Market Annuity Payments

Whether you are first investigating the acquisition of Secondary Market Annuity Payments or you have previously acquired a SMAP and are now looking for the best rates on additional secondary market annuity payments, you have come to the right place. Our close affiliation with an originator, as well as our expertise and vast network of partners allows us to provide the best rates on secondary market annuity payments in the Country. Essentially, when you work with us you cut out an entire series of middle men that are brokering secondary market annuity payments and consequently you have access to some of the best rates on secondary market annuity payments you can find.


As you may be aware secondary market “annuity payments” are not truly “annuities” but are in fact, in most cases, payments due under an annuity issued in conjunction with the settlement of a lawsuit or the winning of a lottery drawing. In either cases, the original payee has elected to sell the payments for an immediate lump sum and through a federally and state statutorily mandated process, the payments he or she is assigning to the factoring company can be retitled in your name, the name of a company or a retirement account. Purchasing these already issued annuity payments allows you as the purchaser to get a much higher rate of return than if you were to buy directly from the annuity issuer. Annuity Issuers that back these secondary market annuities highly rated companies such as American General Life, Metlife, New York Life, John Hancock, Pacific Life, and Transamerica—just to name a few.

While we do not provide financial or tax advice, what we can do is find you the perfect secondary market annuity payment and the best rate. Our team has decades of experience in the secondary structured settlement market and with that experience we have developed a vast network of contacts that allow us to locate any type of secondary market annuity payment stream. Plus, with our affiliation with a direct originator, we can frequently bring you the best rates on secondary market annuity payments. If you want more information or to have us keep a look out for a secondary market annuity payment you do not see in our current inventory, please do not hesitate to contact our team at.

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