What Are Highest Yields Secondary Market Annuity Payments?

People come to learn about secondary market annuity payments from various places. Sometimes it is from the advice or direction of a financial advisor and other times it is from friend or family member. After hearing about the high yields offered by secondary market annuity payments, their next step is often to do some research on the internet to learn more about secondary market annuity payments, including the risks associated with them and whether they can find the highest yields. In doing so, what people frequently find is a series of websites from third party brokers of secondary market annuity payments that are looking to connect you with a company that directly sells secondary market annuity payments.

What you really want, however, is some black and white answers to your secondary market annuity payment questions. That is where we come in. Our team has a unique blend of experience in the secondary structured settlement annuity payment market. As a group, we have reviewed, processed, originated or underwritten literally thousands of secondary market structured settlement transactions. These transactions have involved “secondary market annuity payments” issued by American General, Metlife, Symetra, Genworth, John Hancock, Allstate, New York Life, Metlife, Berkshire Hathaway, as well as most other companies that have issued annuities to back structured settlements. We can provide you the specific and direction answers to your questions. We are truly experts and not the “middleman” that will need to get back to you.

In addition, we put to use our network of partners to bring customers, in most cases, the highest yielding secondary market annuity payments they can find. Let us be clear: we are not financial advisors and do not provide any financial or tax advice. What we can do, however, is provide you with the secondary market annuity payment stream that meets your needs once you determine that it is the right to type of purchase for you. And while all investments have risks, including secondary market annuity payments, we can explain to you the ins and outs of secondary market annuity payment origination, processing, and titling so you have a complete understanding to make a learned decision.

Whether you are looking for a secondary market annuity payment with immediate income or looking for deferred payments from a secondary market annuity payment for purposes of retirement or legacy planning, our team can find you a high yield secondary market annuity payment that fits the bill.

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