Pacific Structured Assets was founded in 2008 after the meltdown of the world financial markets. The genesis behind its formation was the fundamental belief that the financial crisis was an opportunity to bring investments to individuals which were previously only available to large multibillion dollar institutional investors.

Prior to the meltdown of the world economy in the last quarter of 2008 companies that purchased structured settlement payment rights and lottery winnings received their funding from institutional investors such as Swiss Re, Wells Fargo, Deutche Bank, DZ Bank, Great West Life Insurance Company and the like. When these and other institutional investors suffered severe financial distress in late 2008, cash flow all but ceased to exist. The solution to this problem was to make available to the private investor low risk, high yield paper that was previously only available to institutional investors who could provide lines of credit intended to be securitized on Wall Street.

Since its inception, PSA has succeeded in its initial goals. High yield, low risk, fixed term assets, which are not subject to market fluctuations, are now routinely offered and placed with private investors. The satisfaction of our customers is unparalleled.

PSA has drawn from across the nation the most experienced personnel in the secondary market for annuitized payment streams.  Attorneys from 49 states who have placed and underwritten more than 10,000 transactions valued in excess of $2 billion have joined our team. Our staff was assembled with the goal of drawing individuals who created standards and philosophies which enabled the secondary market for annuitized payment streams to immerge as one of the highest yield and lowest risk investments available to institutional investors over the past decade.

Indicative of their depth of knowledge, resources, and due diligence procedures, the assets placed by our staff have never experienced a default in court ordered settlements. PSA is proud of the record of its personnel and now brings these individuals together in an environment where their creativity, coupled with their knowledge and experience, can increase the access to this unique product class beyond what was previously available in the market place.