Secondary Market Annuity Payments have only recent become widely available to the general public. With the high yields offered when compared to purchasing an annuity directly from issuers, the demand has only risen with time. Along with the rise of secondary market annuities payments, there has been an increasing interest in secondary market annuities payments that are comprised of life contingent structured settlement payments. This unique subset of secondary market annuity payments often provides the highest yields.

These structured settlement annuity payments can either be guaranteed- meaning the Annuity Issuer will make the payments regardless of whether the original payee is alive at the time they become due or “life contingent”. Life contingent structured settlement annuity payments are payments due under an annuity that are ONLY due if the original payee is alive at the time each and every payment becomes due. Consequently, steps need to be taken in order to ensure that a person that is buying a so-called “secondary market annuity payment stream” comprised of life contingent payments is protected, as much as possible, in the event the original payee was to pass away prior to the due date of the last assigned life contingent annuity payment.

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