Pre-Issued Annuities: Cut Out the Middlemen

With interest rates where they are, people are looking more and more closely at the option of purchasing pre-issued annuity payments. This product is frequently referred to as “secondary market annuity payments” as well. Pre-issued annuity payments are a commonly utilized phrased that refers to the sale of annuity payments due under a pre-existing annuity that the original payee is selling in exchange for an immediate lump sum. With PSA, you can find some of the highest yielding pre-issued annuity payments as well as one of the largest inventories available. If we do not currently have the pre-issued annuity payment stream that matches what you are looking for, we will find it.

Customers are drawn to us for their pre-issued annuity payment needs because of our unique background. Our team has been processing and/or originating pre-issued annuity payments for years. We have experience in doing so throughout the country and in connection with annuities issued by all the major structured settlement annuity companies, including, to name just a few, Metlife, New York Life, American General, John Hancock and Prudential.

More often than not, the annuity payments that are being sold as “pre-issued annuity payments” are the result of a structured settlement. In short, a person settles a lawsuit and instead of taking all the money upfront, they agree to be compensated by way of an annuity. Sometime after the settlement, they have an economic demand that they voluntarily elect to address by selling some of the annuity payments. In order to accomplish this, the payee contracts with a pre-issued annuity buyer and that pre-issued annuity buyer initiates a court order process to change the name of the payee of specific payments due under the structured settlement annuity. When you purchase a “pre-issued annuity” what you are essentially doing is having the records of the annuity issuer updated to reflect you as the payee of the specific pre-issued annuity payments.

At Pacific Structured Assets, we work directly with originators to bring customers of pre-issued annuity payments that range from immediate annuity payments to annuity payments that are due in decades (and everything in between). Our business is to speak with customers like you that are looking to acquire pre-issued annuity payments and reach out to our vast network to find the pre-issued annuity payment that best fits what you are looking for. Keep in mind that even if you do not see a series of pre-issued annuity payments on our current inventory that you like, the chances are that we can find one that meets your specifications and desired rate. Please give us a call and tell us what you are looking for and we will start the process of scouring our resources to find you one. There is no fee to talk to us and you have absolutely no obligation in placing a request with us.

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